DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is tomorrow and we will be hosting a party! We only have a small unit which is perfect to create a haunted house. All week we have been doing arts and crafts and up-cycling materials from around the house to create scary, creepy and funny haunted house paraphernalia. Here are some easy decorations for your house tomorrow night.
Get cardboard or foam and cut them into rectangles. Spray paint them silver. Write names on the front. Tape a half filled water bottle to the back to allow them to stand.
Candle holders
Collect red wine bottles. Light a candle and drip wax around the edge of the bottle. Place dinner candle into top of wine bottle.
photo 3
Get two same size boxes and spray paint brown. Once dry, assemble the boxes next to each other on a table or futon. The bottom half must be closed and the top half take the lid off. Stuff a shirt with old clothes and place a mask on top and you have a person in a coffin.
photo copy
Scary Dolls
Get your old dolls or head to the Salvo’s to buy dolls cheaply (the rattier the better). Burn the dolls, cut their hair, use red nail polish to make it look like their bleeding.
photo 2
Bloody towels
Buy cheap hand towels for people to use and get red food colouring. Place the hand towels on newspaper (just in case it soaks through) and then drip the colouring over the towels to make it look like blood.
photo 4
Collect jars, and de-sticker them (if you can’t find any Ikea has a pack of four for about $2.50). Leave the lid off and place in a tea light. Scatter around the house and burn.
Carved pumpkins
We haven’t carved the pumpkins yet but we will need to de-seed and think of some scary faces for the front. We have little and big pumpkins.
photo 1

Design your own shoes…

No one wants to buy the generic shoes these days, everyone has their own ideas of what they think shoes should look like. Everyone has their own fashion and style and so they should. These days it is common to design your own shoes over the internet and then have them delivered right to your door step, and it is so easy to do!
Shoes of Prey – design your own pumps, sandals, wedges, ballet flats and more!
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 6.54.17 AM
Converse – design your own high tops, low tops, Chuck Taylors, connies.. whatever you call them
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 6.57.30 AM
Nike – design your perfect running shoe
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.04.13 AM

National September 11 Memorial and Museum

We have been to the 9/11 Memorial a few times but on our most recent visit to New York City it only seemed right to visit the new National September 11 Museum as well. The memorial itself was a designed by Handel Architectures – a New York and San Francisco based firm. They were the winners of the design competition which had thousands of entries. In the end “Reflecting Absence” was the winner. The pools stand where the twin towers once did and around the edges are the names of the victims lost. The 9/11 Museum only opened this year (2014) and includes artefacts associated with the event of 9/11 and tells stories of loss and recovery through them. It was an emotional, moving and incredible visit.
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Remember to Water

Our household is somehow really terrible at remembering to water the plants. We get so excited about new plants and then our green finger dies and we forget to water them leaving our herbs to get all dried up. Now we are desperate and researching. Keeping plants alive shouldn’t be that hard but apparently it is (which makes us feel a bit better). There are now apps to help remind the busy person to go outside and water your plants! Gardening apps range from free to $10+ for the serious gardener but we have found an app that will work perfectly for us.
photo 1
This is the FREE app to remind you to get your watering on. Once you have set up the app go about your normal day and eventually you will be get push notifications of when you need to soil, fertilise or water the plants. We have downloaded and are trailing it now so let’s hope Koubachi is going to help keep our herbs alive and well.
photo 2


Up-cycle the pallet

When we were at our local hardware store the other day there was a big sign as we entered that said “Free pallets”. This got us thinking and researching to see how you could up and re-cycle a pallet. Here are a few ideas we found. Beware: these ideas may inspire you to start a DIY pallet project.
pallet 1 pallet 2
pallet 3

It’s all about Apple

The people at Apple are brilliant. There is no doubt that we are Apple girls. Ever since the first massive, bulky iPod and the old school Mac’s we have never turned back. And the fact that every year Apple produces something new and shiny it really does get us excited.This year, the two main inspiring pieces of technology to be released: the iPhone 6 (and 6 plus) and the Apple Watch (a computer watch!).
iPhone6-Press-01-578-80 comparison-580-90
iPhone 6/6 plus – it is bigger and better. The phone features: larger screen, larger battery, quicker camera and updated processor. The look is different too – it is thinner and is a lot more similar to the MacBook effect of the metallic. Find out more here.
apple-watch-versions-580-90 apple-watch-digital-crown-580-90
Apple Watch – it is brand new and nothing like it on the market. A mini computer/phone you wear on your wrist that is not too chunky and still looks stylish. Ridiculous. It can measure your pulse, what you are doing, can bring up google maps, can call people, can text people, can talk to siri and research, can send secret messages to people, has photo accessibility and SO MUCH MORE. Find out more here.
Apple Pay – A new payment system (no more wallet necessary). Apple Pay keeps your card details on file and you can just swipe your phone and pay over the counter for any purchase’s. In Apple’s words: it is safe, easy and secure. Find out more here.

The concept of ordering systems

When you head out to restaurants these days have you ever noticed how establishments are trying to think of new ways to “impress” their customers by steering clear of the pen, paper, person ordering system and trying something different? Some restaurants are making you write down your own orders and some are joining the tech world. Here are some new designs of the ordering system we have come across so far…
The Brunswick Social, Brisbane – Menus are given out of a piece of paper and clipboard and you just need to write your name up the top and tick off the items you want and the food will be served when it’s ready.
Inamo, London – Click a touch pad on your table so the image of the menu is projected down in front of you, click and choose from the photos and then just sit and wait for your food to come.
Restaurante Nomo, Barcelona – Once seated you are provided with a menu and a metal box full of numbers and magnets. Each menu item relates to a number where you put the magnets on – if you want double order, you double the magnets.
Wagaya, Brisbane, Melbourne + Sydney – Sit in cozy booths with a TV at the end of the table. When you are ready to start ordering flick through the menu on the touch screen TV and add items to your list. Orders will come as they are ready.