DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is tomorrow and we will be hosting a party! We only have a small unit which is perfect to create a haunted house. All week we have been doing arts and crafts and up-cycling materials from around the house to create scary, creepy and funny haunted house paraphernalia. Here are some easy decorations for your house tomorrow night.
Get cardboard or foam and cut them into rectangles. Spray paint them silver. Write names on the front. Tape a half filled water bottle to the back to allow them to stand.
Candle holders
Collect red wine bottles. Light a candle and drip wax around the edge of the bottle. Place dinner candle into top of wine bottle.
photo 3
Get two same size boxes and spray paint brown. Once dry, assemble the boxes next to each other on a table or futon. The bottom half must be closed and the top half take the lid off. Stuff a shirt with old clothes and place a mask on top and you have a person in a coffin.
photo copy
Scary Dolls
Get your old dolls or head to the Salvo’s to buy dolls cheaply (the rattier the better). Burn the dolls, cut their hair, use red nail polish to make it look like their bleeding.
photo 2
Bloody towels
Buy cheap hand towels for people to use and get red food colouring. Place the hand towels on newspaper (just in case it soaks through) and then drip the colouring over the towels to make it look like blood.
photo 4
Collect jars, and de-sticker them (if you can’t find any Ikea has a pack of four for about $2.50). Leave the lid off and place in a tea light. Scatter around the house and burn.
Carved pumpkins
We haven’t carved the pumpkins yet but we will need to de-seed and think of some scary faces for the front. We have little and big pumpkins.
photo 1

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