Dad’s traditional ‘Steak n Veg’

This one is great if you need a bit of iron in your diet, and do not want to go to a lot of trouble – an old school comfort food – for two (or one with leftovers).
Any veggies in the fridge.
2x rump steak
5RGzOt9oEbstbJTb90xcSjpVlpcL3DGDZD7IY-Dea7o qL0B_8xvp4sErIiiEq4162_uQC8tD4K6M3epPLTx6cc1ulJ_SJcn__oMaHODjIgC3QigxKu-q3Z3FnHt5QJBeA-1
1. Roast the veggies that you can and boil/microwave what you can.
2. Cook the steak at the last minute (on the BBQ is best) when the veggies are nearly ready.
3. Make up some gravy (directions on the gravox packet) and pour over the top.

Bon appetite!

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