Remember to Water

Our household is somehow really terrible at remembering to water the plants. We get so excited about new plants and then our green finger dies and we forget to water them leaving our herbs to get all dried up. Now we are desperate and researching. Keeping plants alive shouldn’t be that hard but apparently it is (which makes us feel a bit better). There are now apps to help remind the busy person to go outside and water your plants! Gardening apps range from free to $10+ for the serious gardener but we have found an app that will work perfectly for us.
photo 1
This is the FREE app to remind you to get your watering on. Once you have set up the app go about your normal day and eventually you will be get push notifications of when you need to soil, fertilise or water the plants. We have downloaded and are trailing it now so let’s hope Koubachi is going to help keep our herbs alive and well.
photo 2


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