Exercise the brain

It’s always a good idea to exercise your brain and we have figured out the best way how! To stimulate and develop your brain fitness head to a game of trivia! Once a week we go down to our local bar where we can be social, have fun and keep our minds sharp.
photo 2By playing trivia we are exercising our brains, and by including it in a weekly routine you are helping to evolve the brain function further.

photo 3
 Trivia improves thinking – Without even realising it when playing trivia you are improving your cognition skills therefore you will find it easier to learn new things, concentrate and perform tasks better in the long run.
photo 5
It helps reduce stress – if you are stressed out in any way, shape or form trivia will lessen the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) released in the body and therefore relax you, as well as improve your ability to focus and think.
photo 4
You are cross-training your brain – When you attend trivia that covers a variety of subjects your brain is forced to rely on skill, memory, logic and so much more. It’s called mental cross-training and it’s super beneficial.
photo 1
It makes you happy – Playing trivia makes you feel happy and cheerful. A bit of friendly competition heightens your mood, boosts your ego and will release more feel-good hormones into the brain.

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