The benefit of public transport

Unfortunately due to lack of parking where we work public transport is a day-to-day occurrence. On the plus size though, we are getting in our daily exercise of a minimum 30 minutes of walking. In a study conducted in Australia it showed that public transport goers average a 41 minute walk every day compared to people using private transport at 8 minutes a day (obviously this doesn’t take into account what you do as a job).
So what is so good about walking at least 30 minutes everyday? Well the gentle form of low impact exercise could be just what you need. Walking can help strengthen your heart, it lowers the risk of disease, it keeps your weight in check, it tones your legs, butt and stomach, if you’re out in the sun it will boost your Vitamin D level and it gives you energy for the day.
So next time, instead of conveniently getting in your car why not walk to work (if you can) or to the closest public transport station and get in that 30 minutes a day of walking. Easy!


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