It’s all about the South…

A few years ago we went on a trip with our best friend to New Zealand’s south Island. We hired a camper van for a few days and also caught a ride on the popular hop-on, hop-off buses.Two things come to mind when you think of NZ (especially the south Island) – adventure and beauty. Here is our photo diary of one of the best trips we have had. It may be close to home but it was filled with fun and laughter the whole time!
New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are so many mountains, wineries, forests, glaciers, fiords, lakes and more. The best way to grasp the beauty is by driving around and stopping wherever you can to take in the views surrounding. Don’t rush the trip!
On the drive
4816_96967906486_3633260_n 4816_96967981486_3684895_n 4816_96968011486_8317797_n 4849_97326331486_706355_n 5032_137892460184_1398220_n
Milford Sound
4849_97330211486_887503_n 4849_97330231486_7791870_n
Mirror Lake
The south island is the place to be if you are an adrenaline junkie but not all adventure has to be fast paced. In NZ you can climb a glacier, pan for gold, climb a mountain, ski and so much more.
Hire a camper van 
Go on the Tranzalpine<
Heli-hike Fox Glacier
5032_137893340184_6907885_n 4849_97326336486_3797465_n 4849_97326401486_2998057_n
Pan for gold
Bungee Jump or do the world’s largest swing
Go jet boating
Discover a cave
Shear a sheep


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