Beach Running

We are so lucky in Australia to be surrounded by beautiful, clean beaches and now one of us has relocated to the coast we take every chance we can to get the sand between our toes – and with this even means with exercise. Going for walks on the beach is fantastic, always so relaxing but still giving you a workout, add in HIITing it at the beach or a consistent run and you are working your muscles ten times more.
photo 1 photo 3
Beach ruunning burns 30 percent more calories because by running on sand you are working harder as your feet are sinking into the ground more unlike when running on the footpath. It will also build strength, fitness and stamina. And if your joints have been a bit sore the softer surface will give them a bit of a break as well!
photo 4 photo 5
So when you’re next at the coast, go for a run and then run into the water to cool off! The water will soothe your muscles at the end and leave you feeling refreshed.
photo 2


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