An adventure to Mt Bromo

When you think of Indonesia people of think of a relaxing holiday in Bali. But in a country with more than 220 million people, a richly diverse cultural and geographic landscape to explore, why would you stop your journey in Denpasar? For an adventure of a lifetime get away from Bali and head to Mt Bromo on Java Island, just like our mum just did. Here is her recap.
photo 2
Fly into Mt Bromo itself or hire a car, driver and a personal guide ($300 for the lot) and get picked up from your hotel and transferred through to Mt Bromo National Park. Here, the local indigenous people of the mountain run the monopoly on entry and tours. Upon a arival, the guide and I transferred to a rustic jeep, driven by a local guide and were taken over a very bumpy and steep road up to the sunrise position. It was an amazing site to see the volcano emerge out of nowhere between 4.30 and 5.30am.
photo 1 photo 3 photo 4
We then ​found our local guide and travelled in the jeep down to the Bromo Plains, which is like driving across the moon! The sulphuric volcanic dust is very strong, so a face mask or scarf is essential. The path across the plain is so powdery meaning the jeeps cannot go the whole way. Once there you have to decide whether to walk (very difficult) or ride a horse (amazing) so of course I took the horse (about $150​ to reach the base of Bromo). ​After passing an amazing and very old Hindu temple I ascended the very steep and many stairs to the rim of Mt Bromo to have an internal view of the volcano, took in the spectacular view and then headed back down to our horse and jeep.
photo 1 photo 5
I thought I had seen everything but the local guide then drove me to the nearby Bromo Savannah and we crossed the whispering sands (actually volcano ash so thick it depicts a sand dune).
photo 2
We transferred out of the park and back to my hire car by around noon and driven to one last stop – Madakaripura Falls. This is a fantastic short hike to see a majestic waterfall – totally worth the stop.
photo 3 photo 4
I was dropped back to the hotel in Surabaya by 5pm and it was a full day of adventure! Amazing day and recommended to all.

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