It’s all about Apple

The people at Apple are brilliant. There is no doubt that we are Apple girls. Ever since the first massive, bulky iPod and the old school Mac’s we have never turned back. And the fact that every year Apple produces something new and shiny it really does get us excited.This year, the two main inspiring pieces of technology to be released: the iPhone 6 (and 6 plus) and the Apple Watch (a computer watch!).
iPhone6-Press-01-578-80 comparison-580-90
iPhone 6/6 plus – it is bigger and better. The phone features: larger screen, larger battery, quicker camera and updated processor. The look is different too – it is thinner and is a lot more similar to the MacBook effect of the metallic. Find out more here.
apple-watch-versions-580-90 apple-watch-digital-crown-580-90
Apple Watch – it is brand new and nothing like it on the market. A mini computer/phone you wear on your wrist that is not too chunky and still looks stylish. Ridiculous. It can measure your pulse, what you are doing, can bring up google maps, can call people, can text people, can talk to siri and research, can send secret messages to people, has photo accessibility and SO MUCH MORE. Find out more here.
Apple Pay – A new payment system (no more wallet necessary). Apple Pay keeps your card details on file and you can just swipe your phone and pay over the counter for any purchase’s. In Apple’s words: it is safe, easy and secure. Find out more here.

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