Inside Courtney’s closet…

We have been through our cupboard from inside out so now Grace + Alice have decided to raid other people’s closets. One of our housemates, Courtney MacKinnon, is the owner of online store Sugars Road Boutique so naturally she is the go to person for style and fashion advice in our household. We have raided Courtney’s wardrobe and asked her to give us her five Spring essentials for this season. Here they are:
photo 2
Dress with a pop of colour
Courtney’s suggestion: Great for a work dress
photo 1
Floral shorts
photo 1 copy
Denim shirt
Courtney’s suggestion: Match the denim shirt and floral shorts for a perfect weekend outfit. 
Black skirt
photo 2 copy
Sequin tank/cameo
Courtney’s suggestion: Match the black skirt with the sequin shirt for a ‘night out on the town’ outfit. 
photo 2

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