The concept of ordering systems

When you head out to restaurants these days have you ever noticed how establishments are trying to think of new ways to “impress” their customers by steering clear of the pen, paper, person ordering system and trying something different? Some restaurants are making you write down your own orders and some are joining the tech world. Here are some new designs of the ordering system we have come across so far…
The Brunswick Social, Brisbane – Menus are given out of a piece of paper and clipboard and you just need to write your name up the top and tick off the items you want and the food will be served when it’s ready.
Inamo, London – Click a touch pad on your table so the image of the menu is projected down in front of you, click and choose from the photos and then just sit and wait for your food to come.
Restaurante Nomo, Barcelona – Once seated you are provided with a menu and a metal box full of numbers and magnets. Each menu item relates to a number where you put the magnets on – if you want double order, you double the magnets.
Wagaya, Brisbane, Melbourne + Sydney – Sit in cozy booths with a TV at the end of the table. When you are ready to start ordering flick through the menu on the touch screen TV and add items to your list. Orders will come as they are ready.


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