Relax with Reflexology

An ancient method of alternative medicine is sometimes just what you need on hump day. By using specific thumb, finger and hands movements on different areas of the feet or hands, reflexology is believed (and studied) to enhance a physical change in the rest of the body.
Tension builds up in our bodies and when this happen most people feel it through the neck, shoulders and back region however your feet and hands can take on the tension of the rest of your body as well.
Through manipulation and certain pressure points tension and stressed areas of the body are released through an alternative method of reflexology. We swear by reflexology and have had some amazing treatments that relax the body completely. We have also been shown certain pressure points that help with stomach aches, headaches and nausea and all so far have worked a gem.
Add a reflexology treatment to your list. It will work wonders. We promise.

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