The Alhambra

Perched on the hillside, overlooking the town of Granada in Spain, lies the famous Alhambra. A humble fortress when first constructed in 889AD it has been converted by rulers and royalty over the centuries into a now sprawling complex of buildings creating the palace standing tall today. The wild mix of traditional Islamic architecture, such as the archways and internal courtyards, and the more modern European influences like the alfresco paintings and gardens is something best shared through our photo diary – they do say an image is worth a thousand words don’t they? Enjoy!

IMG_8878 IMG_8873 IMG_8867 IMG_8860 IMG_8861 IMG_8864 IMG_8855 IMG_8848 IMG_8841 IMG_8816 IMG_8823 IMG_8824 IMG_8814 IMG_8812 IMG_8798 IMG_7232 IMG_7235 IMG_7239 IMG_7224 IMG_7222

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