The Shipping Container Home

It may sound weird but the first time we slept in a shipping container was on a Surf Odyssey from Byron to Sydney. The shipping container, also known as a “donger”, was set up at the camp with air conditioning, power plugs, three bunk beds and a light. It was just the basics, nothing too special, but it has always stuck in our minds.
shipping container 7
These days, designer shipping containers are the real deal. Many people are being ecofriendly and converting old shipping containers into houses, offices, guesthouses, studio apartments, emergency shelters and anything else that comes to mind.
shipping container 5 shipping container 4
The containers are durable, cheap and allow for a faster construction. The designs created are smart, slick and sexy. The containers can be stacked on top of each other, placed next to each other or used on their own, depending on the sort of structure you are going for.
shipping container 6 shipping container 3
Shipping containers have been transformed from a dirty, old box into gorgeous, interesting structures. Keep them in mind when you’re going to build your next place.
shipping container 2 shipping container 1

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