There are plenty of diets, and packaged potions promising rapid weight loss by detoxing. There is no doubt a little detoxing is called for after a weekend of overindulging but we think a more natural, sensible and regular approach is probably better for you! Natural teas are cheap, and can be kept on hand in the pantry to have when you feel your body needs a reboot. A daily detox tea is a nice way to keep your body well-maintained. The list of what is good for you is endless but here are our basic stables to get you by.
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Turmeric Tea- turmeric spice is good in cooking, but great to kickstart your liver and gallbladder by breaking down toxins and flushing them out of the body.
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Green Tea- Everyone knows green tea is good for you, with at least a cup a day being optimal. It has high antioxidant levels in it that help the body fight most baddies – making this one our favourite all rounder and one we like to have anytime during the day.
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Ginger Tea- Ginger is a cleansing root, with a nice sharp taste, while it is gentle on the body.This is a good daily detox tea that you can have each morning to start the day, or to keep you going as a pick-me-up, to keep the hunger pangs at bay before lunch or dinner.
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Dandelion Tea – Dandelion tea increases enzyme levels in your body and is famous for its detoxifying functions such as helping the body get rid of cancer-causing toxins in the body, which is definitely worth making this one of your daily rituals.
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Herbal teas are full of antioxidants and also hydrate you. There is still caffeine in herbal tea but it is much gentler on your body than coffee so you get the energy boost without the caffeine rush.
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One thought on “Teatox

  1. I’m hooked on tea at the moment, so perfect timing on this post – I’ve been looking for a new variety to try! Any particular favourite brands, particularly for the ginger tea??

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