The land of Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is an amazing country filled with beautiful people and places. The country has recently opened back up to tourists and is currently on everyone’s radar. We only got to spend ten days in this incredible country, but during that time we learnt so much about it’s history, food, the people and their way of life. To inspire you to travel to Burma (it is a high on our must-do list), here is our photo diary.
574797_10151202619230185_223254882_n 579839_10151202620185185_1486341169_n 580047_10151202616710185_2069218486_n 564338_10151202614440185_1949546419_n 561565_10151202619665185_1276873531_n 557272_10151202611485185_479163055_n 552024_10151202611230185_713794605_n 546659_10151202617255185_490497952_n 546514_10151202618610185_11685859_n 539104_10151202619390185_920663199_n 542479_10151202613445185_1821065449_n 531153_10151202615165185_844335027_n 531003_10151202614625185_657519675_n 526087_10151202610410185_715070557_n 524446_10151202616110185_1781544427_n 523284_10151202618275185_450005037_n 427256_10151202620055185_400258526_n 422273_10151202616910185_930869165_n 420080_10151202619515185_874935524_n 309290_10151202616515185_1942492559_n 205863_10151202619855185_442407326_n 195859_10151202611995185_1673118898_n

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