Dare to Double Denim

A couple of weekends ago we attended a “double denim” pub crawl for a friends farewell. Most of the outfits that made an appearance reminded us of the 1980’s and not in a good way. Light washed, high waisted baggy jeans, oversized denim jackets (also light wash) and flat brim denim hats. Not the hottest look out there. It was like the AMA’s all over again when Britney and Justin stepped out of the car as a couple, covered head-to-toe in denim. Ew.
But some managed to pull off the “double denim” and since then we have started to notice a trend. Is the double denim starting to make an epic comeback? Many celebrities and high end fashion labels are starting to bring back the Double Denim and we have decided we want in. Here are some tips on how to Double Denim the right way.
Image by Mia Pradella
Mix the washes – Don’t go all dark or all light, mix and match the washes to keep it light, simple and stylish.
photo 1
Fitted Denim – Denim looks great when fitted so make sure those jeans are fitted nicely (even boyfriend jeans can be fitted around the butt) or roll up your sleeves to show a bit of the arm off. Don’t sink into a pit of blue denim and get lost.
photo 1
Blocking – Whether you break up the denim with a big bag and a coloured pump, or you pull over a sweater to break up the blue in the collar and the blue in the jeans it all works the same way – not too much, but still achieving the double denim look.
photo 2
Denim doesn’t mean just jeans – When we refer to denim we aren’t talking about just jeans. Make sure you check out shirts and dresses that have a bit of a lighter fabric and are a great  contrast to the heavier “jeans” style.
photo 3
Coloured Denim – Denim doesn’t just come in blue. Double denim it up with bright coloured jeans, a shirt or a jacket.
photo 2
Avoid the Western look – If you don’t want to slip back into that tacky look then make sure you avoid the country style boots, fringed tops or the big western belt buckles. They won’t help one bit (unfortunately).

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