caravan dream

Caravans, also known as airstreams, bring back memories of a childhood full of family holidays to the caravan park and camping. They weren’t the ‘coolest’ of holidays but were always fun nevertheless. The caravans we stayed in were pretty tacky and tasteless (I guess in the 80’s they might have been considered modern) but they are certainly a far cry from todays interpretation of them.
photo 2
photo 3 copy 2
Full of modern essential amenities like wifi (obvi), a plush cosy bed and a chefs kitchen, the caravan forces designers to think outside the box whilst still being constrained to fit inside the walls of a small trailer. It’s all about minimalist innovation, sustainable materials and the little details.
photo 1
photo 2 copy
photo 2 copy 2
Exploring a place by road allows you to see beyond the beaten path and wake up in secluded locations. The caravan is no longer just for the “grey nomads” but an entire generation of hipster gypsies are taking over the scene searching for adventure. As with all things, vintage is back in fashion and we think it’s the caravans turn for a shot in the spotlight.
photo 1 copy
photo 3

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