What to wear on the plane

We are saying Bon Voyage for the next few weeks, as we are heading over to the Middle East and the European summer. We are all packed up and ready to go but the last thing we thought about was what we were going to wear on the plane. From the many years of past experience, here’s what we recommend.
photo 2
You never know what the temperature is going to be on the plane. It starts hot, then gets cold and then gets hot again. To deal with this we recommend wearing and bringing layers. Think a tank top, a shirt, a cardigan or jacket and a scarf.
photo 1
Remember you are going to be on the plane for a while, so it is best that you are comfortable. Jeans can be good but they can make you feel a little cramped and restricted sometimes. Cotton leggings or pants are great and super comfy. We wouldn’t recommend shorts, if it gets too cold then what will you do?
Wear easy to put on shoes, like ballet flats. When going through security it will be more convenient to get through, and it is also good for when you want to get up to go to the toilet or walk around the cabin in the middle of a flight. But BRING SOCKS in your carry on!
photo 2
It is definitely recommended to wear a watch. Going in and out of time zones along the way, it will be easiest to change a watch on your wrist as you land in a new airport. The flight attendant always says the local time upon arriving, or you can look at the flight information TV once you have departed the aircraft. It also won’t hurt to wear a bit of jewellery. Why not?
photo 3
OK – so now we are ready to go! Grace + Alice will be posting randomly throughout our holiday but until then, ciao bella. xo
photo 4


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