Simple Fried Rice

We love to cook Asian food and fried rice always seems to hit the right spot. If you are looking for a quick, healthy and tasty meal then here it is.
photo 4
2 carrots
2 shallots
4 spring onion
4 mushrooms
a handful of beans
chicken fillet (chopped into bite size pieces) – can leave out for vegetarian option
1 cup of rice
soy sauce
photo 2 copy
Before starting, put rice into rice cooker so it cooks as you are getting everything else prepared
1. In a hot fry pan heat a bit of olive oil and add in the chicken to cook. Throw in some salt and pepper for seasoning.
2. While the chicken is cooking, put mushrooms and shallot into food processor and chop into small pieces. Place into a bowl.
3. In the food processor, add in carrots and the beans, chop into small pieces and place into a bowl.
4. In the food processor, add in spring onion and chop into small pieces.
5. Once the chicken is cooked remove and place in a bowl to the side.
photo 2-17
6. In the hot fry pan add a bit more olive oil and your chopped up shallots and mushroom. Fry for 3-4 minutes.
7. Add in carrots and beans and continue to fry until veggies are a little bit softer.
8. Add in the rice, spring onion and chicken.
photo 2
9. While mixing all ingredients together pour in a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce (or if you love soy sauce a bit extra).
10. Turn stove off, set to the side and serve.
photo 5


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