packing for a summer vacay

Next week, we are heading off on a summer vacation all the way to Spain! The excitement has started to kick-in and we have already laid out what we will be packing. This time round, we plan on packing lightly and conveniently as Spain has some great shopping. Here are the bare essentials you will need If you are about to head off on a holiday where the sun is hot and the clothing requirement is minimal.
3x pairs of shorts                                            1x skirt
1x maxi dress                                                   3x tank tops
1x t-shirt                                                          1x workout outfit
1x pair of swimmers                                       1x kimono
1x pair of jeans                                                1x cardigan
a pair of sandals                                               a pair of runners
a pair of nice shoes                                          all your under garments
The mixing and matching of items is key while you’re away. Pack minimally and pack items you usually love to wear at home. If you are able to keep the load small, there will be more room to fill the bag up with one-off pieces while you’re traveling!

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