staying healthy while traveling

We love to head off on adventures and when we do we want to stay as healthy as possible so we can experience everything! From the moment we step onto a plane right until we’re back, we want to be in the best physical condition possible. Here are some of our tips and tricks we have learnt over the years.
The long-haul flight
Being stuck on a plane anywhere from 8-30+ hours (yes we live in Australia and it takes a while to get some places!), we recommend doing the following things.
Drink lots of water – Stay hydrated. Stay away from the carbonated drinks and coffee. Go for green tea and water wherever possible.
Eat healthy – Bring your own little snacks for the plane. Cut up some carrot/celery sticks or bring popcorn. Your stomach will thank you and you will be glad you won’t be snacking on chocolate and chips.
Be Active – Don’t sit in the one place the whole time. Make sure you do get up and move around the cabin. If you are drinking enough water just walking to and from the toilet will be enough to keep the blood pumping.
Keep your skin hydrated – Your skin will dry out from the cabin air conditioner. Get a small spray water or a little moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Keep a lip balm on you and if you have paw-paw ointment or Vicks (just a little bit) put some on the edge of your nostrils to keep them moist (and keep the germs away).
healthy flight
The Travel Medical Kit
You will most likely be able to buy all of the below items when traveling but it is always good to go prepared in case you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with no pharmacy nearby (trust us, it happens and it’s horrible when it does).
The Kit:
General Antibiotics – talk to your doctor about which is best for you.
Antidiarrheal tablets
Anti-inflammatory tablets (like ibuprofen)
Antihistamines (drowsy and non-drowsy) – for allergic reactions and allergies.
Antibacterial cream (like Bactroban) – a saviour for any sort of cut.
Safety pins
Insect repellent
Rehydration salts (like hydralyte)
first aid
Whilst on your adventure
When you are on your adventure stay fit by hiring a bike and going for a ride, or walking around each of the towns you are in instead of taking a taxi or public transport everywhere. You will also get a good workout from carrying your bags up and down stairs at hotels and around stations.
Make sure you are smart about eating street food – our general rule is, if you see them cook it then it should be good to go. If it looks like it might have been sitting there for a while, maybe avoid it. When eating salads ask if it has been washed in bottled water if you aren’t confident (this rule is mostly for third-world countries) and eat fruit that you has thick skin and you can peel (like oranges and bananas).
If you are traveling in a third world country, the general rule with ice is: if it has a hole in the middle of it, it has been made with purified water and is “safe ice”.
Image by Sarah Reid
Be smart and you will be fine. You may get sick (most of us do), and it will generally last for 24 hours and then you will be on your way again. If you do get gastro, make sure you drink lots of water, and if you can avoid taking anti-diarrhea tablets, do. If you are going on a long-haul bus trip though (for example), take them. It is best to get whatever is in your stomach out, and then start over. When you feel you are ready to start eating again, don’t dive straight back into it. Start out with bread and rice and build back into the delicious exotic food otherwise you will just spiral back down again!
And the best tip we can possible give: Bring a tube of Vegemite with you. We cannot tell you how many times vegemite has been our absolute godsend.

One thought on “staying healthy while traveling

  1. Great tips, particularly the street food advice – no doubt that’s saved me more than once! My husband also takes a tube of Vegemite every time we travel & swears by it as a “life-saver” haha

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