snow skiing

Even though it seems like it’s summer across the rest of the world, winter has finally started creeping up on us down here in Oz. One of the most fun and exhilerating experiences you can have in winter is the seemingly effortless sport of downhill skiing. But don’t let the effortless part fool you. Snow skiing or snowboarding is great for your health and has massive amazing benefits to the body. It is a great excuse to go for a holiday (New Zealand has some great slopes this time of year) and to keep your fitness levels up at the same time.
Having good flexibility will be a great benefit for when you take to the slopes. If you are flexible it will help to avoid muscle strains and sprains. Make sure you stretch out your hips, legs and abs as these are the big muscles used when skiing.
Muscular Fitness
A lot of work will be put on your legs and butt when downhill skiing so be prepared! You will spend most of your time in a slight squat position and making slight adjustments to keep the balance therefore adding slight movement to muscles you usually wouldn’t work. Because of this stability and balance you will also be working your inner core.
Cardiovascular Benefits
Carrying around the ski equipment and walking around in big heavy boots is just one way that you will benefit in the cardio department. Also on your ride down, although it may seem like you aren’t doing much, the slight movements, and adjusting from side to side, along with the adrenaline you are exerting energy and working on your cardio. Another great thing with pumping the adrenaline is that you will release endorphins which will elevate your mood and provide an overall sense of wellbeing and contentment. Your body will be relaxed and you mind clear – perfect.
Weight loss
A full day of skiing can burn up to 3000 calories a day, times that by a week’s away skiing holiday people say they go home loosing weight (we on the other hand indulge in hot chocolates on top of the mountain instead). But if you are wanting a weight loss, fun holiday then why not? As well as the skiing, the cold weather forces your body temperature to rise and it does this by burning fat. Also, the steeper the slope the more calories you will burn (but don’t go past your limit of expertise!)

One thought on “snow skiing

  1. Nice, very informative blog, with great pics too. Yeah right, New Zealand’s really a great place for summer skiing. But in my place it takes a plane ride to get there and I think it’s costly. So I think I’ll just go near places for now.. Still deciding for either Las Lenas or Bariloche.

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