Grandma’s Pasties

Grandmas always seem to have the best recipes hidden up their sleeves and our grandma has the best pasty recipe you could want. Here is the typical South Australian pasty recipe straight from her cook book.
1 carrot
1 potato
1 piece of pumpkin
1 onion
400g beef mince (can leave out for vegetarian option)
mixed herbs
egg (in a bowl beaten with a fork)
3 pieces of pampas puff pastry
photo 1 copy
Preheat oven to 180oC.
1. Peel the vegetables and chop roughly
2. Put all vegetables into food processor and whiz until chopped up very fine
photo 3 copy
3. Pour vegetables into a mixing bowl, add in mince and spinkle with a few mixed herbs, salt and pepper
4. Combine all ingredients with hands.
photo 2
5. Cut puff pastry pieces in half and lay mixture in the middle of each half (length ways)
6. Fold pastry sheets around the mixture and place on baking paper laid tray
photo 3
7. Cut small slices into top of pastry and brush with egg mixture
8. Bake in oven for 30-40mins or until golden brown

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