Cappadocia Cave Hotel

Cappadocia lies in the middle of Turkey. It is a central, historical natural wonderland full of rocks, pillars and caves of all different shapes and sizes. The land was left in a state of beauty from a volcano erupting millions of years ago. People from all generations have carved out houses, monasteries, chapels and churches to live in over the years and as a result tourists are now exploring the city and it’s surroundings.
The most famous of the rocks are the fairy chimneys. The long, narrow pillars stand tall with a hat formation on top gives them this name. We also loved exploring the caves and the underground caves to see the carvings and paintings from thousands of years ago that have been kept so well preserved.
The highlight of spending time in Cappadocia is staying overnight in a cave hotel. Hotels range from basic to 5 star but if you can, if only for a night, splurge and stay in the best you can possibly afford. The caves are thousands of years old and the hotels have been built in and around each cave wall. Not one room is the same but all rooms will have a Turkish influence. These design elements include bright colours, handmade rugs, bright tiles, small coffee tables and pillows to accompany as chairs as well as a courtyard being featured. In addition most rooms try to feature a big bath.
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