under the weather

Sometimes even though we are keeping fit and healthy our body catches up on us and shuts itself down for a day or two. When this happens it is best to get out the home remedies to fix yourself as quick as possible. Here’s what we do when we get hit with a head cold and need to be back on our feet ASAP.
Sleep – Get plenty of it.
Your body needs time to concentrate all its energy into fighting off the virus, and to do this effectively that means more sleep. You might have fitful sleeps, but even frequent naps interspersed with lounging around relaxing will help a lot. And if you can try and elevate your head while sleeping – even better, because this will help you breath easier.
Water and Tea – Drink lots of it.
Keeping fluids up is important, particularly as you will not feel hungry, so tea is a great way to stay hydrated, and flush out toxins. Go for herbal/decaf tea, since you need to rest and don’t need the caffeine.  And remember to let your brew cool a little to enjoy the most. These are our standbys:
Nasal congestion – Ginger or Peppermint
Sore throat – Chamomile
Mum’s brew – Any tea with honey or lemon (but definitely without milk)
Chicken noodle soup – Eat it.
Every culture has a version of a clear chicken soup and that is because we all know it works, wherever you live!
Our version is easy, because you’re too sick to cook right? If you make sure you keep a tetra pack of a good quality preservative free chicken stock (vegetable for vegetarian/vegan option) in your pantry, you will be prepared. Just heat and serve steaming. A few of our gourmet twists on this include adding in to taste any combination of: glass noodles; chili; ginger; shallots; salt and pepper; and any steamed cruciferous vegetables (eg. bok choy and broccoli) to reboot your immune system.
Herbal or pharmacy – A few extra supplies.
Some like to go fully natural, which is fair enough, but as the average cold can last 3-7 days, we have a few other suggestions to have on hand to get you through:
Tiger balm – rub it onto your chest, as it help clear the sinuses.
Vicks vapour rub – also rub on chest; or smear a little on the inside of nose; or pop a teaspoon in a bowl and pour boiling water over the top cover with a towel and stick your head under to inhale the fumes – make sure you keep your eyes shut.
Soft tissues- no explanation required!
Hot showers/baths – steam is good for opening up the bronchial tubes to make breathing easier.
Herbal medicines – echinacea, vitamin C and probiotics for instance.
Conventional drugs – paracetamol or aspirin for the aches and pains; and pseudoephedrine as a decongestant.
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Last tip – Buy an e book or magazine and stay home
A virus is contagious in the first 48 hours so do your friends and colleagues a huge favor, and stay at home for the first couple of days. You can always read!


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