Agra Fort

Since returning from our recent trip to India, we’ve already shared the Taj Mahal and the Amber Fort with you but there is one last monument not to be forgotten – the Agra Fort. This enormous red sandstone fortress, protected with seventy feet walls, once contained more than five hundred buildings which were all part of the imperial city of the Mughal rulers. What is left today (only about 30 buildings over the 94-acres) is still impressive and worth a visit for any admiring history or architecture buff.
As you cross over the moat and through the Amar Singh Gate, it feels as though you’re stepping back in time. The fortress was first founded in 1565 but there were continual additions and modifications during the years of following rulers up until 1646. Agra Fort is a maze of numerous palaces, all designed with a strong Mughal influence in mind much like the Amber Fort.
Red sandstone is the most prominent feature, but there are also a couple of palaces made from white marble, including the Musamman Burj. The tower is famous not only because of its beauty but because of the story that unfolded within it. It was where Emperor Shah Jahan was kept imprisoned by his own son, but who watched over his beloved wife and the monument he built in her honour (the Taj Mahal) until the day he died.

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