The perfect handbag

Everyone has their favourite bag for different occasions. It’s an essential item that pulls that perfect outfit together. Here are the bags we believe are vital to every girl’s collection.
The Everyday Bag – the one where you put absolutely EVERYTHING in to
photo 1-20
The Little Everyday Bay – the one where just the necessary items are required
photo 1-18
The Casual Weekend Bag – the one where you want something different from the one you use every single weekday
photo 2-18
The Over-the-Shoulder ‘Out on the Town’ Bag – the one where you take as little as possible because you never know what might happen
photo 2-19
The Little Black Clutch – the one where you take only imperative items but still stay classy
photo 1-19
The Gym/Overnight Bag – the one that fits gym clothes, a change of clothes, a towel, toiletries, make-up and anything else you need to look presentable in the morning
photo 3-11
The Everyday Travel Bag – the one that is small, secure but still a little sexy
photo 2-17

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