Dams around the world

Don’t ask us why but we seem to have a love of dams. We have been to a few around the world and they always seem to fascinate us. The concept they store millions upon millions of litres of water and can power entire towns and cities is hard to believe and the engineering behind creating a dam is incredible. We also can’t forget the man power and the hundreds of lives lost when dams are being built, it is overwhelming. Here are some of our favourites from around the globe.
Three Gorges Dam (Yangtze Dam Project) – China
It’s not just the dam that captivates us here but also the journey along the Yangtze River to get to the dam itself. A three day cruise on the Yangtze River, learning about the history of the project and stopping off along the way to experience the many spectacular gorges as well as little towns along the river’s edge is a great excuse to get to see one of the world’s largest dams. By midnight on the last night of being aboard, the ship makes its way through the elevation locks where you disembark in the morning ready to discover the dam by bus.
Hoover Dam – USA
Hoover Dam borders the US states of Colorado and Nevada and in our opinion is best seen from above. Whilst in Las Vegas, we took a helicopter ride over the Hoover Dam to the Grand Canyon and let us tell you, this is something not to be missed. From above the giant concrete bowl holding gallons of water, standing in the what looks like the middle of nowhere, is a sight in itself. The dam is one of the largests producers of hydroelctric power in the world, but funnily enough it is not the powersource for all those flashing lights in nearby Las Vegas. Just a fun fact for you!
Itaipu Dam – Brazil/Paraguay
If you have a spare couple of hours when visiting the incredible Iguacu Waterfalls head out on the 20 minute public bus ride from Foz do Iguacu and visit the amazing Itaipu Dam. On the same scale as Hoover Dam, instead this time bordering two different countries, a short film and bus tour will give you all the details about how this structure was built and how it is currently being used. The energy the dam produces is split between both Paraguay and Brazil. We definitely recommed a morning at the dam and then an afternoon at the Brazilian side of the waterfalls.

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