pumpkin ravioli – made from scratch

If you have a bit of time on your hands and you feel like showing off your cooking skills then this is a recipe for you. The dish may look simple but the effort and time that goes into it will really shine through when tasted.
photo 4-5
2 cups plain flour
3 free range eggs
olive oil (just in case)
half a butternut squash/pumpkin
all spice
ground cinnamon
salt and pepper
fresh sage
photo 1-22
Making the pasta
1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celcius.
2. In a food processor with dough blade, add flour and eggs. Mix together. Ingredients should stick knead together – if they need a little bit of help add the tinest dash of olive oil. If it is too sticky then add more flour.
3. Take out of food processor, and knead well. It should be a tough mixture.
4. Wrap in glad wrap and leave aside (room temperature) for half an hour.
5. After dough has sat, unwrap and find a clean work bench. If you have a pasta roller machine (lucky you) then roll the pasta through to about 1-2mm in thickness. If not, get the rolling pin out. You will need lots of flour.
6. Put lots of flour on the bench, the rolling pin and the small hand size ball of dough you are about to roll. Roll out until 1-2mm in thickness. Make sure to place backing paper in between each piece that is rolled out so they don’t stick.
photo 1-18
Making the filling
1. Remove the skin from the pumpkin and cut into large chunks. Cover with a dash of olive oil and place tray into the oven. Leave to cook for around half an hour or until soft.
2. Once the pumpkin is soft and out of the oven, place into a mixing bowl. Sprinkle in some salt, pepper, all spice and ground cinnamon (just a touch) and using a fork smash the pumpkin into a mushy paste. You may need to mix as you go or even use a knife to help cut some pieces to start with. Try to taste, you may want to add more spices in.
3. Set aside ready to put into the ravioli
photo 1-20
Assembling the ravioli
1. Take a piece of the rolled out pasta dough and cut out decent rectangle sizes (or however big you want your ravioli to be) all the same size.
2. Place the pumpkin filling onto the middle of the pasta piece.
3. Get another piece of pasta and place on top.
4. Using a fork press the pieces together around the edges (making sure you go right up to the filling so as to centre it)
5. Cut the edges to tidy it up and place onto a floured plate/baking paper.
6. Repeat until all ingredients are used.
photo 4-6
Cooking the ravioli
1. Boil a pot of salted water.
2. Place the ravioli in slowly.
3. Once the ravioli starts to float, cook for a further 5-6mins.
4. Drain and serve with the sauce (see below).
photo 3-14
Making the sauce
1. Place the butter into a hot saucepan.
2. Allow the butter to melt and get it nice and hot.
3. Add in some freshly chopped sage leaves (can be whole too if you want).
4. Give these at least 30 seconds to a minute in the pan and then take off the heat and pour over the ravioli.
photo 4-7

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