Workout Essentials

Rolling out of bed in the morning to do a workout session means we are tired and usually looking like a hot mess. Once we get the energy to put on our exercise clothes and gather the necessities to ensure a great session, we realize we are already feeling more energised and ready to go. If you look good, you feel good and it’s not just your everyday style, the same goes for exercise gear! This week we decided to share our favourite and most crucial items we use for when we hit the ground running.
photo 1-18
Running – Nike top, Lululemon shorts and crop top, headband, iPhone & Nike shoes.
photo 2-17
Circuit – Lululemon top, Adidas leggings, Nike shoes, Ralph Lauren Polo hat, iPhone & CamelBak water bottle.
photo 1-19
Outdoors – Fila leggings, CamelBak water bottle, Nike shoes, Lorna Jane top, New York Yankees hat, Ray-Ban sunglasses & iPhone.
photo 2-18
Indoors – Lululemon top, Nike leggings, CamelBak water bottle, iPhone, Nike shoes & Sheridan towel.
photo 1-20
Yoga or Pilates – Gaiam yoga mat, Fila t-shirt, CamelBak water bottle & Nike leggings.
photo 2-19
Swimming – Country Road towel, Seafolly Goddess swimsuit & Ralph Lauren Polo hat.

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