Never back down

When we were young we used to practice martial arts, Hupkwondo to be precise. It is a form of self-defense martial arts, where blocking, kicking and punching are all used to protect yourself and get away from the ‘enemy’. The technique and skill’s that come with martial arts can never really be forgotten but the strength behind the punch, kick or grip looses its sting if you don’t keep up the practice. So over the last couple of years, along with our general routine, we like to spice things up a bit and head into a boxing class once in a while to dust off our skills – and boy is it tough now!
Boxing is a massive work out from head to toe. It clears the mind as well as gives you a full-body workout from the time you start warming up right up until the end of class. It is a social sport as you work in pairs – jabbing, hooking and blocking your partner as well as ducking and weaving (arms, legs and abs all achieving a solid workout).
Boxing will increase your overall fitness level, as well as improve your agility, coordination and memory skills. Technique is key and throwing the correct punch needs to be nailed so no injuries can occur. It is tough and will get your heart racing, but by the end you will feel energised, look great and want more!
Try boxing:
Brisbane Boxing, West End –
Lang Park PCYC, Milton (Brisbane) –
Work Fitness LLC, New York City –

* Images from Pintrest

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