It’s time for Boots!

Winter is getting closer and closer which means it’s time to go shopping for some new boots! You only really need two pairs of boots: a pair of flats to wear daily and a nicer pair with a heel for those fancier moments (although boots do go with everything). We recommend a pair of classic leather boots that look good, feel great and are most importantly comfortable. Our favourite shoe designers also have the best taste in boots so keep scrolling for ideas of where to find your next best pair.

‘The Desirable’
photo 1-18
RM Williams – Go on, be Australian. These boots are beautifully made and feel incredible. The classic shortcut boot will always be trendy but check out their Yaamba, Rosanna or our personal favourite the Jarrahwood boot. Die.
photo 4-5
The Frye Company – The flagship store is in the US but Frye now ship to Australia. The leather of these boots (and their shoes in general) is amazing and all the shoes are super comfy. There are too many to decide on our favourite.
photo 2-17
Vera Wang – High fashion, good quality and chunky heels. Only a few styles are available each season but all are always incredible.
photo 3-11
Rag & Bone – Sophisticated, sytlish and superior to the rest – Rag & Bone (based in the US) is chic street wear and their boots are unbelievable. They are sturdy, sexy and look so good.

‘The Affordable’
photo 3-12
Country Road – CR boots have always been a classic buy in our family. They will last longer than a season and they always look sophisticated. Their knee high boots are always a hit.
photo 2-18
Nine West – Nine West shoes are smart and pleasant to wear and the array of bootie style shoes they currently have is outrageous. We love it!
photo 1-19
Steve Madden (in David Jones) – Steve is always a bit of a hit and miss but if you are looking for a great pair of day-time boots then look no further than Steve Madden. They are affordable and durable. Trust us.

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