Guggenheim, NYC

Not everyone may agree with us, but we love the concept of art being displayed inside of art and so did Frank Lloyd Wright. He believed “it [would] make the building and the painting an uninterrupted, beautiful symphony such as never existed in the World of Art before.” The incredible, jaw dropping result is the Guggenheim in New York City. It’s simply a masterpiece.
Completed in 1959, The Solomon Guggenheim Museum is primely positioned on the edge of Central Park on Fifth Avenue and East 88th Street. It was brought to life by world renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright of whom the main building was named after. The building is anything but traditional for an art gallery – it’s not a box filled with inter-connecting rooms but rather a continuous flow of curved walls in one open spiral like a sea shell. The purpose of the design is to send visitors straight to the top via elevator so they can leisurely stroll down the ramp offering visitors “…the unique possibility of seeing several bays of work on different levels simultaneously.” – Matthew Drutt 
Make sure you add the Guggenheim to your New York City hit list! We’re looking forward to sharing our experience of the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain with all of you later this year.

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