work it out

Everyone has their own workout schedule: we find it all depends on your lifestyle and work life as to what people can afford to fit into their day. Sometimes we just can’t be bothered to do anything which just means the next day we work out twice as hard. We aren’t experts but we have been trying to keep up an active lifestyle for a while now, and with a little extra help from Sprout Health & Fitness, we are really getting into it. Here are some things we do to keep fit, save time where needed and have fun all at the same time.

We recommened doing the following with a friend if you can. It helps with motivation and makes it more interesting. And don’t forget to stretch after each workout! 

Cardio – We try get in at least 30mins of cardio each day. We aren’t enthusiastic runners so we tend to follow the walk/run type style. We started out slow (4min walk/1min run) but now we have built up to the opposite cycle (4min run/1min walk).
photo 2
Walk – Power walking is always great exercise. It is relaxing, clears your mind and gets you out of the house. Instead of taking the train or bus home from work, why not walk? 30mins to an hour or even longer will do wonders.

Cardio circuits – We get bored doing the same thing repetively when we are in the gym so Bianca from Sprout Health and Fitness gave us a hint: do 5-10mins flat out on one machine and then swap. You get a little break in between but you are doing a maximum capacity workout and really working all your muscles.
We like to do:
– 5-10min rowing machine (ergo for the rowers out there!)
– 5-10min bike
– 5-10min treadmill
– 5-10min cross trainer

Stair runs – Find a good lot of stairs and run up them (if you are in Brisbane head to Kangaroo Point). In between running the stairs go for short jog then repeat. If you are feeling up to it find a bench and add in tricep dips half way through the jog.
photo 1
– Run up stairs
– Jog
– 30 tricep dips
– Jog
– Head back down the stairs
Do as many as you can and each time build up to adding one more on!

Full body outdoor circuit workout – Here is one that will get your heart pumping – thanks Sprout!
– 50 standing squats
– 40 star jumps
photo 2
– 20 push ups
photo 3
– 15 double feet bunny jump up onto a small step
photo 1
– 20 tricep dips
photo 4
– 30 sit ups
– REPEAT x5 (with a small break in between each set)

Ab workout – This one will hurt but keep doing it and you will start to feel those stomach muscles come through! Once again, Sprout Health and Fitness is a genius.
– 1min crunches
photo 1
– 1min sit ups
photo 3
– 1min abdominal twists (with medicine ball if you have one)
photo 2
– 1min straight leg lifts
photo 3
– 1min bicycle twists (opposite elbow to opposite knee)
photo 1
– 1min left side plank
– 1min right side plank
– 1min front plant
photo 2
We are still aiming to get to the one minute of each – work up to it but make sure you do all continuously non-stop and feel the burn baby!

The fun stuff where it won’t even feel like a work out:
Surf – Head to your closest surf beach, hire a board and go surfing!
Stand-up paddle boarding – Hire the board and go for an hour around the canals using your core, legs and arms muscles.
Dance – Whether it be samba, hip hop, ballet, tango, tap dancing or the like, dancers always look hot.
Rock-climbing – A great way to work out your legs, arms and core.
Yoga and Pilates – A relaxing but phyically intense muscle strengthening workout.
Bush walking – Even though it is still walking: being outdoors, walking on uneven surface and checking out your surroundings it doesn’t even feel like exercise.

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