Words of wisdom from a PT

We love living an active lifestyle whether it be going for a run through the park, a morning surf down the coast or a simple walk home from work. But sometimes you can get that feeling of “why am I really doing this” or you just get bored of a routine. We have enlisted the help if our friend, Bianca Monahan of Sprout Health and Fitness, who is a personal trainer, to give us a few hints and tips of the best ways to keep motivated and live actively.
Have you always lived a healthy lifestyle? If no, what changed your mind?
I suppose I thought I was generally healthy in comparison to a lot of people but in terms of diet, I really wasn’t. Though I was extremely active and played a lot of sport and exercised regularly, I used to eat a lot of pre packaged & processed foods and didn’t really understand proper nutrition. I was constantly tired, my skin was horrific & just didn’t feel WOW every day.
How long have you been a PT for and what first got you interested?
I have been a personal trainer for 5 years now. After a false start at university and a sort of gap year after that, I knew I wanted to do something within sport or health science but I wasn’t really sure where to start. Personal training was a stepping-stone for me that kept my foot in the fitness door while I started my nutrition studies at university.
What keeps you motivated and how do you get people motivated?
I think I’m a naturally motivated person anyway which is what I hope to pass onto my clients. If I’m motivated and positive then they usually are (or end up becoming). In terms of my own training, just feeling healthy and fit is enough to keep me going. I hate feeling sluggish and slow so I try not to let myself get to that point.
What are some simple tips to get fit? With gym access? With no gym access?
Above all, good nutrition is imperative. I cannot stress to people how important it is to eat well to support physical activity. If you aren’t eating healthy foods, then you may as well not exercise. You are only reversing all your hard sweaty work with shitty food. Not good!!

Firstly educate yourselves. Read books, follow blogs, attend seminars. Don’t follow any sort of diet or person like gospel. Take bits of information from everything you read to make an educated decision for your own diet. Everyone is different so our diets should be to!

In terms of exercise; for starters I don’t think you need a gym at all to get fit. Body weight exercises and calisthenics are seriously underrated. All you need is a living room floor or a park with a few benches and you can perform a serious full body workout. Exercises like push ups, lunges, body planks, plyo squats and general cardio is all you need to get yourself started. I have a lot of workouts on my blog that anyone can do at home themselves. I don’t think fitness should only be a gift for those that can afford gym memberships! Who wants to hang out with the weirdos taking selfies in the mirror anyway!! 😉
We all know exercise is hard to continue whilst traveling, what are some simple rules to follow so you don’t get behind?
As I mentioned in the previous question, you don’t need a fancy gym to get/stay fit! You can perform a seriously effective body weight circuit in a living room or hotel bedroom. If that’s not really your thing, then just keep active every day. If you’re on holidays then walk everywhere instead of driving or catching cabs. Eat at local markets with fresh seasonal foods. Remember that you might be on holidays but your organs aren’t! Look after them.
Any further words of wisdom?
Smile every day & be outrageous!

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