Fashion through Film

Fashion comes in all shapes and sizes and much of what we wear is influenced by the glamorous world of motion pictures. An actor’s wardrobe can bring us back to the 1980’s, to outer space, to the time of the Renaissance or into the future. Here are some of our favourite movies that clasp the cutting-edge, Vogue like world we live in today.
sex and the city
SEX AND THE CITY – From TV to the movies, Sex and the City has done all the wrongs and rights of fashion. From the worst of 80s and 90s to todays high fashion – these four ladies have got it all!
devil wears prada
THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA – Oh the devilish world of the fashion industry. We’ve been there. Whatever this movie says – it’s a completely true. This movie has crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s in all that is New York City fashion.
CLUELESS – Ahh the fashion of the 90s. These girls made fashion statements and they definitely knew how to shop. Some trends have made their way back in, like the midriff or the high knee socks but please, oh please keep the extreme baggy jeans and the backwards baseball cap away.
confessions of a shopaholic
CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC – The world of owning a credit card and using the little plastic card to buy anything and everything. Oh the clothes, the shoes, the bags and the girl in the green scarf.
white chicks
WHITE CHICKS – One of the best catwalks we have seen in a movie, let alone ever. This movie is hilarious and shows the real ‘behind the scenes’ of what a girl thinks when trying on new clothes in the change room!
ZOOLANDER – Male models uncut. The ‘blue steel’ look is now the standard for so many. A great laugh with some ridiculous outfits.

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