recycled furniture

Like many other parts of our lifestyles, such as our diet, cars and buildings, our furniture is also going green. Growing concerns about the consequences of climate change have made us rethink and reevaluate how we are decorating our homes. You probably don’t stop to think about how your chair is effecting deforestation worldwide but these days, you should. Not only do materials have the potential to impact on our environment, they can also affect our health when toxic chemicals are used in large scale productions. So we think it’s important to understand where materials are coming from and how they are grown, just as we would consider where our food is coming from and whether it’s grown in a sustainable and humane way. Manufacturers and DIYers around the world are pushing the boundaries of the market to shift into the green direction and reaping the rewards of reducing their carbon footprint whilst also keep our landfills to a minimum. All of this just by reusing and repurposing objects and materials in a creative and thought provoking way.

We’ve been scrolling through the pages of Pinterest to find you the best of what’s out there. It’s exciting to think what someone will come up with next!

light 4 light 3 light 2 light 1
chair 2 chair 1 chair 3
shelf 3 shelf 2 shelf 1
other 1
other 2other 3

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