“M” for Moschino

We are still deciding on what to make of Moschino’s new fall-winter collection. Noted as ‘fast fashion’ Moschino’s new look released during Milan’s Fashion Week has mocked and made a Happy Meal out of high end fashion. Most people look at McDonald’s, Spongebob Square Pants, Hershey’s chocolate and Budweiser beer as unsophisticated, unhealthy, sloppy, cartoonish, fast food and typically American. When a luxury, high end Italian designer takes these American icons and turns them into high fashion it becomes a game changer.

For some a $780 McDonald’s sweater, a Hershey’s gown or an $85 McFries iPhone case is outrageously brilliant yet others who work in the low-wage fast food industry feel they are the ones being mocked. The day Moschino released the ten-piece capsule wearable collection from the show into Moschino boutiques worldwide as well as on the website they were selling out instantly.
The most popular pieces in the new collection feature the design of the Golden Arches logo almost bent into a heart shape (“M” for Moschino) with the slogan “over 20 billion served”. The sellout pieces boast the logo and words onto items such as a red leather quilted handbag (nearly $1300), a French fry inspired iPhone case ($85) and a t-shirt dress ($350).
What are your thoughts on the new collection? Do you love it? Hate it? Want it? Or want to trash it?

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