Out with the old

The start of the year is the best time to clean out your wardrobe. Forget waiting for the official “spring clean” – it’s still the beginning of the year so why not kick into gear and keep it fresh? Here are some of our tips for executing the perfect wardrobe clean-out.

cindy aplanalp
Image from Cindy Aplanalp

  • Turn the music up
  • Get a friend to help you out – a second, or even third opinion will definitely help
  • Before hitting the closet make sure you have set aside plenty of time. You don’t want to start the job and not finish it in one hit.
  • Attack the wardrobe in sections at a time. Start with the shelves and draws, move on to hanging items and finish with shoes, bags and accessories.

Image from Parade

Throw away anything that is stained, baggy, torn, mis-matching (like socks), got a few holes or items that are completely worn out!

Donate anything too big, too small or not fitting just right!
Donate anything you haven’t worn in the last six months.
Donate anything dated or that you aren’t 100% sold on (even if you have worn it only once or never at all)

Keep everything else! Make sure they are only the clothes, shoes, bags and accessories you feel comfortable with and you look good in (insert friend’s advice here).

architectural digest
Image from Architectural Digest

By the end your wardrobe may feel empty but don’t worry, this will just give you more room for new purchases. Everything in your wardrobe will also be something you will want to wear!

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