Just dance

Everyone has a little rhythm in them so why not use it to keep yourself fit, strengthen muscles and work on your flexibility. Dancing is a fun way to work out without it feeling like an actual workout. There are so many different styles of dancing: belly, Latin, tap, jazzercise and the list goes on but here a few we love going to.

Image from Queensland Ballet

Although it looks so graceful, ballet dancers need strength, core stability and flexibility to elegantly move around the stage.

Queensland Ballet SchoolBrisbane – Learn the basics of the plea, point and arabesque from teachers at a world renowned school. Opening their doors to the public so everyone can share the passion of ballet, who wouldn’t want to be taught from the best?

Studio AnyaNew York City – It’s a great little space nestled in the Flatiron district where classes are kept to a minimum therefore allowing more one-on-one time with the instructor.

Image from New York Times

Hip Hop
Urban style dancing including popping, locking, crumping, breaking or the MC Hammer “crab” – hip hop dancers are quick, strong, flexible and really feel the beat of the music.

Mega Jam, Brisbane – Luis Pinto is boss. He has the moves, style and he will rock your socks off in any dance class. Mega Jam is held at the Thomas Dixon Centre in West End.

Broadway Dance Centre, New York City – Don’t be intimated by the hip hopping folks hanging out in the corridors, hit up this studio for choreography by top instructors.

Tip: All of the above companies offer classes each week – beginners, intermediate and advanced so there is no need to lock yourself in if they aren’t your style.

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