beautiful bridges

Bridges are structural beauties and have become icons of their cities. Not only are they fundamental elements to the smooth running of a city but they are designed and built in an aesthetically pleasing way. These days, there seems to be no limits as to what can be made possible! So here are some of our favourites from around the world:


Brooklyn Bridge –
We love New York, and we LOVE this bridge.

Fun Facts: It was designed by John Augustus Roebling who was a German immigrant and construction was completed in 1883. It’s a suspension bridge (the first steel-wire one ever built), spans 1825 meters across the East River (the longest suspensios bridge when it opened) and is now considered a National Historic Landmark in the United States.

Why We Love It: You get amazing photos not matter what angle and the view of city in the background is always spectacular. Plus it connects cramped and chaotic Manhattan with the Brooklyn Bridge Park on the other side, a pretty incredible space itself!

Image from

Sydney Harbour Bridge –
It’s in our own backyard and an Australian icon, how could we not include it?

Fun Facts: Nicknamed “The Coathanger”, Sydney Harbour Bridge was finally completed in 1932 after taking 8 years to build and going over budget by more than double. The bridge was originally going to be a cantilever (beam anchored at one end) or a suspension bridge, but in the end the suspension design was chosen because it would withstand heavier loads and would be cheaper to construct (not sure that worked out in the end though). Designed by Dorman Long and Co Pty, the bridge has no nuts or bolts holding it together (only 6 million rivets) and pylons that are just for decoration, yet it manages to hold up an arch weighing 39,000 tonnes!

Why We Love It: Making the trek to the top (on the bridge climb) gives you panoramic views of one of the most popular and amazing cities Australia has to offer.

photo 2-4

Golden Gate Bridge –
It’s red, it’s big and it’s featured in all the good movies!

Fun facts: San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is the 9th longest suspension bridge in the world. If you span out every single steel cable it has taken to build this structure it would wrap around the earth’s equator just over three times. The bridge was originally designed by Joseph Stauss, but after receiving criticism that his design was too chunky, he enlisted the help of some structural engineers to make it the elegant design it is today. Construction was completed in 1937 and to this day has 38 painters who continually ‘touch-up’ the bridge year round (even though the bridges colour was supposed to be grey, the orange was only ever going to be temporary).

Why we love it: From the bridge you can have unprecedented views of San Francisco’s bay. It is also a very long bridge and can take almost 45 minutes when strolling across making the views last even longer!

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