conquering Mt Warning

You may have already noticed, but we love getting outdoors and spend a lot of our weekends travelling to new places and hiking new mountains. It’s a great way to get fit without really noticing you’re doing physical activity – we are usually distracted by the surroundings and/or the excitement of what lies ahead. Plus you get the added value of it being social if you bring a group of friends and chat the whole way up!

photo 3-5

Our most recent challenge was Mount Warning – located in the most northern region of New South Wales, about a 30 minute drive south west of the famous Gold Coast, Queensland. It was originally known as the Tweed volcano, but has since become inactive and renamed Mount Warning. And a little fun fact – because of how close it is to Australia’s eastern most point (Cape Byron), it is the first place on mainland Australia to feel the sun’s rays each day. ** Towering 1,156 meters into the sky it is no easy feat to reach the top, but if you’re up for the challenge then the satisfaction is well worth the effort.

photo 4-2

Don’t be put off by the signs at the start of the track stating it is a 5-6 hour return loop. We are by no means marathon runners, but we were up and back in about 3 and a half hours (including a few rest stops along the way). The path is only paved at the beginning and is a continual stream of either uphill or stairs, so make sure you wear comfortable and appropriate shoes. Right before to hit the summit, you’ll be faced with a sheer rock face paired with a single chain along the side. It is the only way up or down, so be prepared if you’re afraid of heights (or getting a bit dirty).

photo 2-4

Unfortunately, we picked a foggy and overcast day to go so we couldn’t see anything past our own hand when we reached the top, but the pure satisfaction of conquering Mount Warning was enough for us (although we’ve been told the views into the valley and out to the ocean on the horizon are incredible!).


*make sure you check out this link to get all the information about when to go, what to bring and the best way of reaching it (we did get a bit lost).

**thank you Wikipedia for the fun fact.

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