the Ice Hotel

The Arctic Circle is not usually high on peoples list to travel to. But let us tell you now – it should be. Although a weekend at the Ice Hotel in northern Sweden may cost you an arm and a leg, the memories you will take away from it will be priceless.

The Ice Hotel is made of just that – ice. Each year when summer comes, the hotel melts and when winter comes back around the hotel is rebuilt, each year different to the last. For almost 25 years, artists from around the world have been submitting designs with the hopes of being lucky enough to create one of the famous Art Suites. Every individual suite is different to the next and during the day they are left open to explore by all guests, but at night you get the whole place to yourself to enjoy.


The sheer creation of not just the suites but of the entire hotel is astounding. Each year from October to December a building crew comes in to create this masterpiece. The construction requires 1000 tonnes of frozen water and 30 000 m3 of “snice” (snow and ice mixture: ice particles from the Torne River mixed with air). The “snice” resembles snow however it is stronger therefore creating a sturdier build. It also helps with the insulation of the hotel (inside it generally stays around -5oC).


Of the hundreds of artists, the judging panel narrow it down to 40 designers overall who come in through the last six weeks of the construction period where they then begin to construct their own masterpieces.


The Ice Hotel truly is a must on anyone’s bucket list. We recommend staying in the cold accommodation. Have a good night’s sleep on reindeer skin and snuggled up in a sleeping bag (provided) before being awoken by staff carrying a cup of hot lingonberry juice in for you to enjoy.

Go to the ICEHOTEL:

While there:
Go dog-sledding
Go Snow-mobiling
Explore the hotel and church during the day
Have a drink at the original Absolut ICEBAR

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