make your own pizza

When you have a few friends over for a meal and everyone likes something different, ‘make your own pizza’ is a great solution for the menu. After all, who doesn’t love pizza? In our family alone we have a gluten free vegan, a plain Jane, a carnivore and a I love everything person and surprisingly, everyone is happy with pizza. Here’s the spread we put out for our family MYO pizza night.

photo-7 copy


Lebanese pita bread or gluten free pizza bases

photo 3-4


Half tomato paste, half tomato sauce. Mix with half a teaspoon of minced garlic and dried oregano to season.

photo 1-5


fresh basil leaves
kent pumpkin, roasted
red capsicum, roasted
zucchini, roasted
eggplant, grilled
onion, sliced and browned in saucepan
mushrooms, sliced and browned in saucepan with fresh thyme
sun-dried or cherry tomatoes
fresh ham off-the-bone or other favourite meats like salami and prosciutto
black olives
4-cheese pizza cheese
baby bocconcini balls
rocket (add after cooking)

photo 2-3


Coat base with olive oil, spread the sauce base and each person adds their own toppings as they wish. Bake in oven, on pizza stone in BBQ or if you’re lucky enough to have a wood fire pizza oven fire away!

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