Packing essentials

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Whether you are going to the beach for a weekend, you’re overnight at a conference or heading overseas for a longer vacation, there are always those few items we never leave home without. And the best part is, they hardly take up any room in your bag.

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Small shoulder bag. Don’t compromise making your holiday stress and hassle-free by lugging around a big backpack all day filled with unnecessary items. Backpacks are great for long journeys, but we always have a small over-the-shoulder bag that fits our wallet, camera, lip balm, hand sanitizer, phone and map. You don’t need much else for a day out exploring!

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Ballet flats. They go with almost every outfit and are comfortable enough to explore cities all day without compromising your style. Easy to slip on and off on the plane and pack flat in your suitcase so you have more room for travel purchases. Make sure you invest in a 100% leather pair – they’re more weatherproof, dry out faster, you’ll avoid bad odours and they mould to your foot so you miss out on the blisters.

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Pashmina. Never go anywhere without your pashmina, it’s the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. Who knows when you will need it? It works as a scarf, pillow, blanket, cardigan, bag, wrapping up precious goods, covering your knees to enter a temple or wrapping around your nose to cover bad smells.

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Earplugs and eyeshade. Trust us – don’t leave home without them! You never know who you will sit next to on the plane, bus or train, where your hotel will be or what your room will be like. And if you’re traveling with a group or on a tour and are staying in dorms, we guarantee no matter where you are you’ll always be well rested.

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A pen. We know it seems silly to mention it, but always have a pen in your handbag whenever you go out. You’ll need it for filling out paperwork at immigration, marking tourist maps and writing down ideas from other travellers. Plus sometimes its just easier to communicate through drawing, especially when you don’t speak the same language!

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