Happy little Vegemite

From sausage rolls to meat pies, milo to tim-tams and pavlova to lamingtons, Australia does have some great favourites for the dinner table. But nothing beats our addiction for the delicious, dark salty spread known as Vegemite – despite what many of our international friends may think. We carry a tube in our bags no matter where we go in the world, so we are never without it.

Image from AdNews.

In honour of celebrating our beautiful country yesterday (and curing a few hangovers), here are our 5 top ways to enjoy the good stuff.

1. Plain and simple – Toast a piece of your favourite bread, spread on some butter while it’s hot (so it melts), and then sparingly spread on the Vegemite. Don’t put on too much, this is the mistake most people make.

2. Perfect afternoon snack – Grab a plain savoury cracker, spread on the Vegemite and add a couple of slices of cheddar cheese.

3. Brekky on the go – Toast a piece of bread (my favourite is a bagel), spread on the Vegemite, then slice up an avocado and place on top.

Image from The Herald.

4. For the more adventurous – Grab a soft bread roll (scotch is the best), cut one side so it makes a pocket, spread on the Vegemite and fill it with Smiths chicken flavour potato chips. Sounds strange, but trust us on this one.

5. Straight up – Exactly how it’s described. Grab a spoon and dig in. This is my secret indulgence.

How do you like your Vegemite?

Image from Vegemite.

2 thoughts on “Happy little Vegemite

  1. I like your post – don’t like vegemite. I’ve tried it, and I think I’ll give it another try. But then, I’m wanting to try haggus again too. Some kind of chage-of-life thing. Cheers.

  2. Spoonful dissolved in boiling water – great cure for nausea. And you can use it instead of stock cubes in cooking. Yay Vegemite.
    But all mothers have wondered over the years: why did they have to make it black?

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