Hiking in Hong Kong

Hiking is great for your mind, body and soul. It will exercise and tone almost every muscle in your body and will definitely get your heart rate going. So why Hong Kong? Why are we telling you to go hike in one of the financial epicentres of Asia? When traveling as a tourist it is something you wouldn’t really think of, but it is one of my favourite activities when I am there.


Hong Kong has over 300km’s of designated hiking trails set amongst the 263 islands that make up this beautiful city. Among the most popular trails there are many left untouched and waiting to be conquered.


Popular hiking trails of Hong Kong –

Tai Long Wan
This hike can take up to 7 hours but most find it well worth the workout once they arrive at the white sandy beach and crystal clear water. Pure seclusion.

Violet Hill
A little closer to the city (only 15 minutes away from Central) is Violet Hill. Although mastering the ups and downs of the ridges isn’t easy, the hike gives way to unbelievable sweeping views of resoivors, the bustling city below and the outlying islands on the horizon.


To recover from all that hiking, head to Mana Fast Slow Food for delicious and organic salads, wraps and juices. We love all the gluten free and vegan options and how could we resist the Earth juice with apple, beet, carrot and celery? Yummy! It will definitely give you the energy you need to continue on exploring the rest of the city.


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